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Dani Preston

Dani Preston is a collage and multimedia artist, musician, poet and educator on the Big lsland. Born in California, she has since taught youth and created art in France and Hawaiʻi. Currently she is teaching art lessons to youth as an introduction to the diversity of mediums which they may express themselves through. Working with youth in a creative language feels symbiotic and enriching as expression and inquisition facilitate crucial critical thinking skills. Wonder, emotional awareness, observation and creativity are values in people which she believes every child should be exposed to as a  benefit to their wellbeing and for the advancement of their communities.

Dani’s superpower is gratitude because she transforms all situations, good or bad, into learning experiences which she is able to grow from. She creates art as a sacred expression of the abstract ideas and deep emotions she experiences. Sometimes her ideas cannot satisfyingly fit into a structured language or cohesive explanation, so the action of pursuing a very meaningful thought or feeling results in art. Teaching art through different mediums and through observational awareness is her way of inspiring others to navigate their own personal expressions and to play with their own perspectives.

Dani teamed up with Keiki Heroes because keiki are her everyday heroes and influencers. She strongly believes in the dreams, potential and individuality found in every child. As part of this community, she feels the responsibility to provide her support as a role model for our keiki to feel seen and encouraged to become their truest, brightest selves.


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