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Keiki Heroes is a Hawaii STEM Community Care project that encourages our keiki (children) to adopt healthy habits, to recognize signs and symptoms of illness, and to inform an adult when they are feeling ill. We emphasize that keiki can be heroes by helping to protect those who care for them. Based on values of kindness and compassion, the program aims to reduce the stigma of a COVID-19 diagnosis by reframing the narrative. Keiki Heroes provides information on COVID-19, encourage healthy habits, and reduce the stigma associated with the illness.

Our Heroes – Kai and Hōkū

The Keiki Heroes program shares messages through two adorable mascots – Kai and Hōkū – who model positive behaviors like hand-washing, proper mask-wearing, knowing symptoms, and physical distancing.

These adorable characters were created by Yuko Green, a Hawaii Children’s book author and illustrator, and Gum Design.

Download Keiki Hero Resources

Our mascots – Kai and Hōkū – adorn posters, flyers, and coloring sheets that communicate various healthy habits. These are being distributed to elementary schools and libraries, and posted in select public locations. Our posters, flyers, and coloring sheets are available for download in our shop.

Keiki Heroes Website

Our Keiki Heroes website – – is designed for children. It shares information in keiki-friendly language. The website is continually updated with health tips that will be delivered by our mascots.


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When you sign up for the Keiki Heroes newsletter, you’ll receive updates from us with new resources and program highlights. We all have an important role in empowering keiki to achieve their best health.