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Kai and Hōkū Get Vaccinated!

Kai and Hōkū go to a clinic and get vaccinated. Read about their adventure and learn what you might expect when getting vaccinated.

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We’re at School!

The Keiki Heroes made a few fun activities to keep your school year fun. Have you heard about vaccines? Learn more about them and share with your family.

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Have a parent help you download and print these fun new activities!

“Let’s Stay Healthy” Activity Booklet

Kai and Hōkū are excited to be back in school. Itʻs different now and they are wondering about things like vaccines. They’re still practicing their superpowers – wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands! What’s it like for them at school? Read the comic strip!

Download “Letʻs Stay Healthy” Activity Book

When is COVID going to end?

Answered by:

Dr. Mark Mugiishi, HMSA president and CEO

Our Mission

Keiki Heroes promotes health education materials that are culturally relevant and age-appropriate to support the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of children in Hawai‘i. We believe that keiki can be heroes by helping themselves and others to adopt healthy habits to support community health.

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Keiki Heroes

As of 2022, Keiki Heroes became a project under Hawai‘i Public Health Institute.